Since my older kid started to talk on 2011, I had a bittersweet feeling. I enjoyed and laughed with his ideas and crazyness, but at the same time I knew I would not be able to keep all those moments. So it was! In April ’15, I woke up one morning with a clear idea: I would create an app to keep all the funny quotes of the kids that also could share them with the world. And its name would be EpicKids. Easy, right?


But… Houston! Without technical skills to develop it myself, with 3 little kids, the crisis in Spain… EpicKids stays standby. In March ’16 I decide to listen the growing voices inside my head and leave it all to make my dream come true.


A CTO is dificult to find, but during the research I am chosen to take part in an Acceleration Programme, where I have the opportunity to reorganize my head. My aim is to create and app, but let’s start small. A small web with active social media profiles.


Interviewed in the News the 25/jul/16

Article in the Ara newspaper the 13/jan/17


Took part in the “Summer Camp 2016” Acceleration Programme


The Mail del Viernes (#mdv) publishes a collection of EpicKids quotes


Taking part in the IV Coworking & Mentoring Programme in the EOI

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